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Mar(keting) Tech(nology) F.E.S.T  is for Founders, Executives, Strategists & Technologists in marketing

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Unlock additional benefits and gain love and support of the community and the founders. Help us achieve our goals of a truly inclusive community for the martech and ad tech space. Work in SaaS as a Founder, Executive (or Employee), Strategist or Technologist, thne you should think about joining us.

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FREE. We are offering brand new community that looks to support and elevate you wherever you are in your career and marketing journey. Free entry by invitation only.

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The History

The community born at the The Inaugural Utrecht Martech Festival. Over 400 attended in total, nearly 75% of them in person.

An opportunity for CMOs, CTOs, Founders, Founders, Executives, Strategists & Technologists and Academics to network with their peers online and in person.